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Sep 30, 2012 8:30am PDT
with difficult year. spelling out one must critical states of the campaign. they're not improving the economy when democrats controlled congress. >>> we got around that was more deficit and more people struggling to find work. no solutions the extra work. >>> the vice president appeal to voters and another battleground state. telling them that medicare will be around for future generations. >>> the actions of the president took to strengthen the medicare trust and exceeded this life of a 2024. >>> president obama and mitt romney are prepping for the first debate. to get help from the ohio senator will play the role of the present. and president obama will look to the massachusetts senator to stand in for mitt romney. and behind in recent polls, some campaign watchers say that mitt romney has more riding on the debates and to gain for the president >>> the president has a chance to show is competent to stand up against the president of the nine states. and to accomplish that and wins the first debate >>> wednesday's debates give both canada's a chance to explain it plans for health care in the
Oct 5, 2012 10:00pm PDT
unemployment fell to 2.8% in december. that's down from august and the economy added 114,000 jobs. cbs 5 reporter tells us what is behind the improved numbers. >> reporter: systems and circle pines, minnesota, make food packaging machines. ceo, dale anderson, hired 40 new people this year. he now has 160 employees. >> i think the economy has really -- is picking up. >> he left his job in construction and decided to become a machinist. >> i chose manufacturing for the reasons that it doesn't seem as affected by small swings in the economy. >> research and development budget during the recession. it paid off. anderson is building this due plant. >> we do have plans. >> facially, the economy added an average of more than 145,000 jobs over the past three months. unemployment has not been this low seance january of 2009. >> we will below that video. >> much of the drop is attributed to the growth and part-time jobs. >> i didn't get responses to my resume. >> 56-year-old amy crawford was forced to take a minimum wage job in a restaurant when she could not find full-time work as a ho
Sep 29, 2012 10:00pm PDT
to romney campaign spoke directly to women pointing to the economy as the key concern she agrees growing debt our greatest worry. >>> the market crashed we end up in home too small for us >>> a stay at home mom with three kids she plans to vote for mitt romney to when virginia he needs more women like her a recent poll shows the gender gap is widening while romney holds a six point lead among men president obama as a 12 point advantage with women. polls show women are interested in men in issues that affect the pocketbook. she says this election will come down to one demographic >>> it will come down to single women voters it will be the pivot point >>> and single women like this woman who supports president obama >>> i want to vote for the person fighting for me >>> after losing her job barnes is still looking for work and does not think run the understands people like her. >>> he cannot relate to me as single-parent or person that does not know where the next dollar comes from to pay bills >>> she has not heard enough how romney will fix the economy >>> that is one reason why a look fo
Sep 30, 2012 8:00am PDT
especially in the economy how were you going to get ahead? there is one organization has been working hard to launch, nurture and keep small businesses thriving is there renaissance on to north center here in the bay area. we have their monotone kathy adams. whitley how you can beat a great entrepreneur. it is always great to have you back. you're the woman who does everything. i'm so proud of you. toss about the entrepreneur center. what is the mission? >>> we started 20 years ago. and for organization and we get started to help people to grow their own business. they're selling people who wanted to do it for themselves but they really needed the access and the training and the resources >>> when you save resources and training how you do that? >>> we have a comprehensive training program. the start of the basics and see if your idea is feasible. and then we work with you to help you create a business plan. there's a road map for which you want to do. that we were really prepared. >>> to get to any place we have to have a plan. >>> we want to make sure you have a plan any and the plan b p
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4